CD: I wanted to ask you what the reaction was after the first film. Because I would imagine that you got a lot of fan mail.

R: Um, yeah itís weird cause when I go out on the street I get recognized and things and um, itís funny. But I like it, itís hard to get used to.

CD: Now why is it hard to get used to?

R: I donít know, itís justÖ I dunno! (laughs) But people coming up and they know your name and everything itís just, yeah, itís a bit strange.

CD: Now, do you like that? Have you grown to enjoy the (gets cut off by Rupert)

R: Yeah! Yeah itís pretty cool yeah!

CD: So fame is not so bad for you.

R: Yeah.

CD: Now, thereís a lot of special effects. I think even more in this one than in the first one.

R: Yeah, definitely

CD: Can you tell me what itís like acting when thereís nothing there? And just what itís like to do the special effects.

R: Um, I donít know. Itís a bit hard when thereís nothing there, but, um, the stuff that is there is just really amazing.

CD: How do they explain to you what you see so you can react to it correctly?

R: I dunno, sometimes they just have something that just um, replaces itís height or something. Something like that. And thatís what weíd have to look at. But most of the time there was something to react to.

CD: Yeah it looks like itís hard work. But I hope it was a lot of fun for you. Can you tell me what itís like for you, and for Emma and uh, Daniel to work together? I mean, at this point it must feel like youíre buddies or even siblings at this point.

R: We get on really well, and we see eachother every day so, yeah, so we were really good friends.

CD: And I know that there are going to be other Harry Potters. Are you going to be in any subsequent movies?

R: Um, well the third one starts next year in um, February. And Iím gonna be doing that so, Iím looking forward to it.

CD: Now I need to ask you what you would be if you could get a hold of some real Polyjuice.

R: Um, Iíd like to be a cartoon character! I think thatíd be really cool! To be a cartoon.

CD: What kind of cartoon character?

R: I dunno, someone like SpongeBob Squarepants! Thatíd be really cool.

CD: So Spongebob is all over the world now, is that it?

R: Yeah! Yeah!

CD: Now what was the most difficult thing about making this movie?

R: UmÖ most difficult thingÖ Working with the spiders! I donít like spiders at all. They really freak me out! So doing that scene was a bit scary for me.

CD: Now the enchanted car, I enjoyed.

R: Oh yeah! I loved that scene! Because it was like being on a ride!

CD: Now I donít want you to give away any secrets, because we want to keep the magic of the movie, but did they actually have you guys elevated in a car somewhere?

R: Oh yeah definitely! And I had to be taught the basic gear shifting and everything to fly a car. So it was cool.

CD: Oh right! Youíre not old enough to drive a car arenít you?

R: Yeah I not! Yeah!

CD: So where you really excited when you learned this was going to be part of the film? R: Yeah definitely!

CD: So how do you guys, do you rehearse? I mean, how do you practice before you do the scenes?

R: Well we have a read through of the script and everything. And um, yeah, so thatís basically what we do. And learning lines is pretty easy. You only get it in one sentences. So, itís pretty easy.

CD: So now that youíve seen the movie now. Tell me what itís like to see the stories on the screen and to see you in it!

R: Yeah, itís weird, because like, a year of workís gone down to like, two and half hours. Itís, itís hard to get used to. I mean, itís strange but I really liked it, I really did.

CD: Now about your family, I know youíve got, how many is it? Four brothers and sisters? R: Iíve got one brother and three sisters.

CD: Now how do they respond to your fame and your acting in the movies?

R: Oh yeah, they all love the films and everything, yeah.

CD: You arenít getting ribbed at home, like ďHere comes the movie star?Ē

R: No! No, um, theyíre a bit young for that. My sisters are.

CD: I wanted to ask you about schooling, because doing a movie must take a lot of time. How do you all keep up with your studied on the set?

R: Well I have this tutor, which is really good, cause we have a maximum of five hours a day and a minimum of three. And we donít get any homework. Which is really good. CD: Why donít you get any homework?

R: I donít know, cause weíve gotta learn lines instead.

CD: Thank you dear.

R: Cool. Cool, cheers.

New Interviewer:

CD: Well first of all, congratulations. You are my favourite character in this film so uh, my expectations are amazing. You just did a great job. I have to ask, for you, what was the biggest difference working on this film for you?

R: Um, the biggest difference, umÖ. I donít know! It wasnít much different because we knew everyone, the crew was the same. It was just like going back to school really, but a lot more fun!

CD: But in terms of the evolution of your character, tell me how it was a little different in things you had to do. In the Chamber of Secrets.

R: Yeah, um. There was a lot more stunts and action scenes for me to do, like the flying car. That was so fun. It was like being on an theme park ride. It was really good! And um, his little sisterís there now, Ginny Weasley. So heís probably a bit more responsible.

CD: A little bit more mature!

R: Yeah!

CD: Again, you also have amazing chemistry with Daniel and Emma. Itís unbelievable. Tell me about the evolution of the friendship and how itís different with you guys working together.

R: Um, probably because we were really good friends off-set as well. And we got on really well. We had a really good time.

CD: Tell me about some of the things you did off-set to make things more fun and relaxed for you guys. What kind of fun things did you do?

R: UmÖ fun thingsÖ Um, we basically just jumped around and stuff and just had a laugh. We had a really good time.

CD: Every kid is going to want to know about those slugs you had to vomit up. Tell me about that.

R: It was brilliant. They were really nice because they were all these different flavours of slime. There was chocolate, peppermint, lemon and orange. There were all these different flavours and they tasted really nice.

CD: So you didnít mind doing it.

R: NO! As many takes as there were, it was good!

CD: (laughing) I guess I would too if I had all those flavours.

R: Yeah!

CD: Now also, I understand that you are terrified of spiders, so how did you get through that scence?

R: It was pretty easy actually because I didnít have to act scared! I already was! Yeah, but that was a really scary scene for me.

CD: How does Chris Columbus put you guys at ease when youíre nervous about something. Tell me about this guy.

R: Um, well, heís really supportive and nice and everything. He would just tell us the situation and how we would feel and that. So um, it was good.

CD: Now, the way you three work together, Iím just curious about the friendship when youíre not working. I mean, this has been an incredible experience for you. There is no question, and ití going to keep going for a few more years. So how do you guys, what do you talk about? Do you sometimes pinch yourselves and say ď I canít believe that Iím in this situation!Ē?

R: Yeah, itís pretty amazing. And itís an incredible experience, I just love it. Itís really good.

CD: How has life changed for you?

R: Um, I get recognized a lot, people call me Ron, itís quite weird, but Iíve gotten used to it now and itís quite cool.

CD: And how do you feel about being in the next one? I mean, it must be pretty weird to know that youíre going to be in these movies for the next few years.

R: Um, I start the next one in February.

CD: Well what do you do in your downtime? What do you do to relax?

R: Um, oh loads of things.

CD: Whatís your favourite thing to just chill out?

R: Uh, watching T.V. and playing my computer game. Thatís cool.

CD: And how do your friends treat you?

R: Oh they treat me exactly like it was before! Yeah Iíve just been recently back to school, and that was a little weird. It took a couple of days to get really settled in. But I have now, and itís alright!

CD: Well congratulations, youíve done a spectacular job in this movie.

R: Cool

CD: And I canít wait to take my two boys. Thank you so much!