Rupert Dreams

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I wasreading the part a part in :Harry Potter and the Chamber of
secrests.  Now remember this is a dream.  anyway i was reading a part in harry
potter 2, the part when rons car shows up.  i was sittin on the proch all alone
with my dog beside me, a light out of nowhere came out of the sky, showed
bright.  Then i see rons head poking out of there dads convertible.  I stood up
whiping my eyes.  I thought it was a dream, i picked up the hose spraying it at me
so i could see if i really was dreaming, rons voice calls to me saying "what r u
doing"?.  I jumped and fainted.  When i opended my eyes i was woken by proffessor
snapes scary dark eyes i jumped up, looking around i screamed, i was in my pajamas
my pink  babydoll cotton slipand i was barefoot, my hair messy and so on. I looked
back up at snape breathing heavily.  he glared at me i stood up and the other
professors looking at me in disgust.  "what is she wearing"profeess.  flitwick
replyed.  she'll have to change into some suitible clothes he added.  anyway i was
lead up to the sorting hat himilated in font of everyone,still in my
pajamas.  GRYFYINNDOR the hat yelled.  i paused, no way, But i am not a witch i
sreamed, i told magonigal, yes u r u just didn't know it.  now go along to your
table.  i ran to the table loking at the giggling faces laughing at me "hey ,member
me " ron said in excitment, i started crying "i wanna go home i screamed" ginny
pated my back it's okay don't cry you'll be back home.
then my lights r turned on , my mom yelling at me to go to school.  What i was just
at hogwarts.  the reflection of dumbledoor refleted in my mirror, we sent u back
home, come back when you want to.  i breated in relife, i am never going back.  i ran
to the school bus telling my frinds about my mysterious mystery, they all laughed
but i wasn't.  it was bed time again and a bright ligt appered when all was
asleep.  this time harry comin back for me "ready" he said"what!, i cried again"he
held my hand bringing me back to hogawarts with hermione and ron greeting us
i woke up that was my un completed dream

Well I usually have very happy Rupert dreams where we end up together, but a few nights ago I had a dream that my friend started dating Harry Melling (Dudley) and she was totally in love with him! And so we were all sitting together talking when Rupert walked in with two of my guy friends! I was so excited! I wrote him a little note telling him I wanted to talk to him after because he kept looking at me, and he said he wanted to talk to me too! So we talked and made a date for the next day. Then my friend who lives a town over happened to be moving next door to me and Rupert thought she was absolutely gorgeous and started talking to her! (In the middle of our date!) And so I was trying to get his attention again and he was like, Caralee, can't you see I'm trying to talk to ******? Get lost! I just started bawling!! And then I didn't want to have the dream any more so I woke up! It was so sad! (Submitted by the Webmisstress)

I had another sad Rupert dream just last night. He was filming Harry Potter across the street from my house and I went to go check it out. Chris Columbus said I could have a little role in it with Dan, Emma and Rupert. Well me and Rupert got really friendly on the set so I asked him if he wanted to come over after since I lived across the street and he said that would be really fun! So he came over and we were talking and I said "Oh my heck!" and he was like, "Don't say that! All the Mormons in New York say it and I can't stand it!" Then he asked me if I was a Mormon and I said yes and he was like, maybe I should go. I wouldn't let him and I was like, can I get your autograph and he was really snotty, but said yes anyways. While I was looking for a picture of him he ran out of my house and onto this swing that was on the set. Then Tom Felton (who lived down the street) went and joined him and so did the Phelps twins and Dan and I ran across the street! Then all of a sudden me and Rupert were at this 50's restaurant and he really didn't want to be there with me, because he just hated me, but I wouldn't clue in! I went to apply for a job there and I was down getting trained for two hours while he was upstairs throwing darts with my brother who was telling him horrible stories about me! When I went upstairs Rupert told me (again) to get lost and that he never wanted to see me again! What's with this guy?? lol (Submitted by the webmistress)
I was at a park reading a interesting adolestent book(for who knows why).A boy
with red hair sits at my picknick table,his back facing me.He turned around it
was rupert.i was like what?he then said"what r u reading"i just stared at him
and asked if i could have his autograph.Then he ask me on a date that day.We
were sitting at a fancy resturant,with gold silver waer,praticly everything
gold.Threr were about 5 differnt forks and i got confussed.He put a hand on my
shoulder saying,u don't have 2 be perfect for me,it's okay i am sorta confossed
my self(somthing like that he said).Then i crack the biggest fart,he looks at me
in horror,i think i am gonna leave now then walks out the door,with lobster and
stuff already orded,he did not pay,witch i was planing him to,so i had to saty
and wash the dishes at the resturant.The next day i see him again and then the
earth starts moving like h***.I figured a bad earthquake witch it was,he could
run,but i couldn't.i yelled for help,he ignored me ,then ran off.
OK i am goona warn u this is a wird dream ok. well i was at my house playing golf with my brother( i hate golf) and all of a sudden my brother sreams no no u have to leav now! so i left the house and i was walkin doen the street and then all of a sudden i saw rupert and emmma walking on the yellow brick road and they were holding hands SO i got really PEOD so i ran up to emma and pulled her hair out and she ran off! so me and rupert are walkin on the yellow brick road and me and rupert start dancing. then we come up to the house made out of candy! rupert fliped out and ate everything. when we walked into the house emma was there again (all gorgeous as normal) and she started studying for her potions final. then i must have woken up cuz thats all i remeber 
I was looking at the new rupert chamber of secret pictures,the one when him
and danny fly into the car.I dunno if anyone eles has seen that one,it came out
a day ago.Anyway here is my dream.
I was woken up by a loud banging noise,i opened my eyes
seeing rons face staring at me."looks like she's up" he said. i lifted my head
up looking curiously around,wondering why the h*** was i here.I am in the back
seat of rons dads car,harry looked back at me in surprise,then turned to ron
again."where am i"i protestesd
without a answer they still rode the car.I slaped harrys shoulder"where am i"he
got really mad and said"yur in a car".i already known that,but why,where were we
going"we picked u up,we found u laying in the back seat of our dads car"ron
answered." i was never in this car,and i want back out".i opended the door they
both told me i should not do that,but then i fall out,hanging for life on the
swinging car door"HELP"i cried,harry got even more upset"i knew this would
happen,always happens with hermione,the same old help me,or the,i already knew
that,but of course she don't listen 2 us"he grabbed my arm pulling me back
in"Shut-up and listen"ron orderded"u will stay where u r and do npot move"he
added.I didn't listen opened the door again,then fell like 100's of feet.
then i woke up
i was bying food at mc donalds,all of the sudden theres rupert,bying a large
coke,large fries and a big mac.I was like omg,he can eat all that.So i get out
of my car and walk up to his car,filled with four other kids,his brothers and
sisters.I then go"u r rupert,rupert grint right"i ask
he goes ya,what do u want,i am hungry and erdible today,don't mess with me"he i go back in my car and drive off thinking how rude he was.Then i
call my best girl and tell her i saw rupert,she goes no way,he is at my house
right now,so i go to her house and he is there.She sticks out her hand showing
me a 20 crrt diamond gold ring."who is that from "i ask"rupert,silly"she
answers,i fainted and then he is hovering over me with a glass of water and
spils it on my face,i slaped him,he slaps my back.Back and fourth slaping each
other."mandy,u said u thought rupert was a loser uguly person"i tell her,she
goes"hey he is rich"i am like so,pass him over to me.Still wet from water on my
face i wiped it off with his shirt,he yelled at me then said sorry.they offerd
to me if i wanted to go to a party so i did.At the party,i found him and another
girl making out,i started crying cause i liked him so much,then then he looks at
mye inoccently,saying"what did i do?".I stopmed out of the house and went back
into my car.and drove away.the next day is there wedding,and me one of my
friends brides maids says"i gott somthin 2 confees"we all look at her,rupert
loks at her trying o shut her up."i made out iwith rupert last nigt"she
answers.everyones looks at rupert,then mandy my friend goes and runs away,then
got hit by a car in the street and died.Then i go out in the streets standing
threr in the middle odf the rode crying,then a limo hits me........

Ok, I was at the Scooby Doo premiere and it was at my mall! And for some reason the whole cast of Harry Potter was at the premiere. So I ran into Freddie Prinze Jr.*drools* and asked him for his autograph and he completely ignored me! So I was kinda mad at him and went to this book store where Rupert Dan and Emma were signing stuff! So I was first in line and went straight to Rupert, who signed this weird book I had with tons of pictures of everyone in the movie in it. And he was kinda rude to me too. But then we took two pictures and he signed my book and gave me his e-mail address and told me to e-mail him! It was pretty cool. And then Dan was jealous and gave me his e-mail address too and I was like, "Sweet!" So I e-mail them and me and Rupert started really liking eachother, but then my alarm went off! I hate it when that happens!

Well, it was a very good and short dream. Okay,in my dream I moved to England and I lived across the street from Rupert. He had this really big crush on me so he asked me out. I said yes of course. Then after the movie(yes we watched Harry Potter), we walked around London holding hands. I was sooo happy, then he said to me "You know, you're the greatest thing that happened to me since I became famous" and I was like "Really?" and he's like "Yeah". And then he kissed me and I woke up. It was a really good dream.

hey i had this really weird dream a few weeks ago. it didn't star rupert,
but he was in it. ok, here goes:
i was in this really crappy, run-down house. sean biggerstaff, the phelps twins,
and rupert were there too. the house was a one room shack, and for some reason
we were all related! i was sitting on this huge couch with sean and rupert. i
was cuddling with sean (i know we were supposed to be related in the dream, but
u know that dreams make NO sense whatsoever!), and rupert looked jealous! i
think we were all watching tv or something, i don't quite remember. all of a
sudden, we're playing quidditch, me, sean, james+oliver, and rupert! we were
playing for gryffindor of course, and i wasn't really playing a real position. i
was helping sean with his position as keeper! here's the really weird thing! the
quidditch game wasn't even in the air, and we weren't on brooms! it was more
like hockey, but we still had on the gryffindor quidditch robes. the quidditch
game was being held in a gym, and the opposing team was an all-girl team! they
were really tough and mean, so that's why i was helping sean. well, that's all i
can remember! i've had other rupert dreams, but i can only remember one other,
which i'll post after this! luv, LAVENDER

ay I woke up (in me dream o course.....) and turned on the telly and rupert was on and i was like *yay* oh wow, I almost missed it. so i turned over in the break just to see what else was on, and saw that every channel had rupert on it so i was really happy, but freaked out too. so later on, I went down to the shop and into town, and everywhere there were massive rupert banners, and promotion of hp and thunderpants and stuff *his face gazing at me from every direction*, and I was like woah! what is going on? so everyone in town was talking about him, and it seemed the whole world was obsessed with him. so i was liek to all my friends "i told you he was gorgeous!" and they're like "what, you don't even like him!" and im like "what, iv adored him 4 ages!" but they don't listen and walk off. so no-one believes me that I ever liked Rupert, so I'm in my room sulking, when there's a knock at the door and rupert comes in wearing his duffs hoodie. and i'm like *i can't breathe* hellppppp, it's rupert, what do I say, oh my word he looks gorge, so I'm there like "rupert I love u!" and he laughs and cums and sits nxt to me. so I say "the whole worlds obssessed with u now, and no-one believes I like u, and I've liked u since I first saw you!" and he's like "no worries! I know you like me, and that's all that matters" So he takes me on a train to his house, and we go in, and his room is really massive- blue with a walk-in wardrobe and I'm like woah, I cant believe this is happening, and rupert goes and gets me a drink then gives me his mobile number (which I can vaguely remember what it was), and we were there talking, edging closer and closer to each other, and he was flirting like mad.....then I woke up.... but the thing is, I told my mate michael about this dream, and he says " bedroom's blue with a walk in wardrobe" I never knew! weird, no? Tanya xxxxxxxxxxx
I was standing outside the arena waiting to get ruperts autograpgh ,there
he was ,and i staring at him like i was sick or about to faint.He was coming my
direction,starit to me ,he was like 5 feet away from me,then turned to this
pretty blonde girl with blue eyes ,she was tall and skinny,and passed me a mean
nasty look.I went up to her,in turrupting the conversation,"excuse me,who r u"i
asked,she stared at me"like ew,who the heck are u,thoes clothes r uguly and so
your face,yur dressed up for halloween to early"she said"i wispered in her ear a
big red spot was on her butt(period).she didn't belive me until rupert spotted
it,ew! he yelled,get away from me,as she ran off to the bathroom,i headed twared
ru-bear,he gave me a shy smile,and i gave him a kiss,a long lasted for
about 1 minute.He pushed me away and yelled"what do u think your doing".I was
about to cry,then he yells get her out of here to the sercurity gaurd,But he
kissed me to i yelled at them,then they both cased me and ru-baer all around the
arena with the other hundred fans,finally rupert stops,he stands there and
takesoff his suit for the occasion,underneath it was a men in black suit,he told
"agent louis"i should have known it was u,with your clever tricks"hello agaent
grint i tell him backand take off my dress,and underneath that the same suit.we
walk side to side together,he opens a beifcase with tiny silver guns and two big
ones,u get this he dameands handing me the large one,he got  a big one also.we
got aliens running around here,he wishpers"what"i say."yup,aleins,destroying
earth right now"he runs to a empty storage room and calls for me,"hide in
there"i look at him like whatever"why"i ask"beacause i think this is where i
found some alien blood"he stares at the ground and looks back at me,like he was
scaredfinally the door was kicked open,two big guys steped in the room ,i took
my maginfying glass out of my pocket,i saw a zipper in the back of one of the
guys necks,i singaled to rupert,"got ya"he screams jumping out of the closet ,he
holds up the gun "agent louis"he calls i run up to the frist guy and unzip the
zippr on his neck,green ozzy stuff came out,then it like started expanding i
moved back so dod rupert,the zipper broke the fake dicise on the monster alein
thing brusted, a huge praying mantis pops out of the dead skin suit with long
fangs it grabs rupert with a green ozzzy  hairy hand and swings him in the air,i
pull my gun up and shoot,i missed,"eletroic,eletricuting gummballs"he yes,"in
the bag he adds,chew fast then spit at the alien"he struggles to say.a green big
gumball i unrappped from the packed look ordinary i chewd it fast and then spit
it at him,the alien.The alien turned all sorts of colors,blue 2 red 2 black then
to dust"what the hell r these" i yell rupert still exausted laying on the
floor"trouble"he yells"don't ever chew thoes un less i say"he adds"don't ever
chew thoes un less i say"i mimiched him in a snoty voice,he flashed a look at me
angrily"come on ,shows gonna start, there probly wondering where i am"he say
quickly changeing into his permire clothes then smiled "comon agent louis"he
yellswhile i look at the monsterts dust one last time."thanx from saving me from
that hidious blonde,SHE WAS QUITE A EYE CATCHER thats why i walked over to
her,she was a alien"rupert says while combing through his hair with his
fingers"i think she wants this rupert"i tell him
rupert had a gold chain around his neck with somsort of glowing gemstone,i
pointed to it,he shruged,i got this at kay jewelers ,like they got somthing  a
alien would want"he said holding it between his fingers"rupert,were not safe are
we"i add"i couldn't tell u,no were not,not at all,yur right they want my
neckless,but i can't get it off my neck"he said concerned"let me try"i
said"no,don't,i have gone to car shops,metal shops jewlery sores and tried
siccors  and lasers to try and get this thing off"he adds frowning,"then what do
we do,hide u ,kill u what?"i ask"kill me,that not a option besides i can handle
any alien  i think" he said "this is for good luck"i planted a kiss on his face
and he let go of my hand walking into the crowed again,then the lights went
pitch dark,everyone screamed,i ran to rupert he ran to me,his neckless glowing
in the light,."take it off,please rupert" i tel him"i know u can,try harder
there after u,there here"i yell and start crying,i took my jagged knife from my
pocket and broke some of it,still it was to thick to cut through,he pushed me
away from him and told me to run away and get out of here soon,casue they were
after both off us.I  didn't leave him,then i feel a sharp pain run doown my
back.i put my hands on my side ,i felt two shary needle things poking into me,it
grabbed me and  flew me in the air.The end
weird dream.makes really no sense but hey it's a dream
I was x-mas shopping for my family,i see rupert 
standing there at the barbie section,at frist i think he's bying toys for his
sisters then i ask,who ya shopping for
"me"he says,picking up britney spears barbie"cute isn't she"he adds,i am like o
my gosh what the heck"yea,she's cute,i guess"i add then he picks her up"i want
this one mommy" to his mother standing on the left of him,"okay sweets whatever
u want my little munchcin"she says,i look at him he smiles  then walks right
past me after shopping for my family,i see him in the candy store buying tons of
candy,i expect him to buy a little and he's asking for the whole store!lol.So
then he says"your the gurl who likes britney spears" i pause"no acctually u said
that i never said that"i look at him,Then he goes"want some chocatleate"he ask
then i look at hi and say sure and he hands me some in his hands thats all
sticky and melted all over his hands"you'll have to lick it off but it's still
chocolate" he holds out his hand to me and i walk away,then he like magoiclly
appears infront of the door and ask"u wanrt some chocoalte"he adds"no,rupert
thanx but i don't like chocoaltae but also u might learn when u offer candy
don't offer it when it's all in your hands and stuff"i smile and walk out the
dooor,then i get on the bus and there he is waving at me and won't leave me
alone he sits next t0o me"do u like emma watson"he ask"yea,she's a good person"i
add then he ask the same question agaoin and again me reponding to the same
answer  then he ask if i am hungury over and over finally i lose my patience and
yell"NO RUPERT ALL TELL U WHEN I AM HUNGURY"i say,then he starts cryoing and
then i feel all bad and his mom yellls at me and pushes me out the bus
window,then i am stuck on the side ewalk in the rain,aniother car goes by and
gets me all wet,(*soaked)i get up then another car gets me wet,and theres a
sewer that has no lid on it and i fall in it,then i  feel this quishy stuff all
over the botton of the sewer and then rupert gerts caught in it and is sinking
in some P**p,and i don't wanna get him but do it anyway and then then he gets
out of the sewer and leaves me there..i don't memeber the rest,but it was a
i know what your thinking"EW"

I was stood outside my old house and it was evening, a really nice night, and i was playing ball with these little kids when rupert comes walkin up the street, holding hands with emma, and i was like "what the...?", so i started walkin over, and i had a t-shirt on sayin "biggest rupert grint fan ever- i love u rupert", and emma saw it so she kinda smirked and then put her arms round rupert, and rupert was there smiling away to himself all innocent. when i got really close to them, emma started to pull rupert away and i was like "oh no u don't" so i grabbed rupert and turned him around so he was facin me, and he was like "what the?" and emma was like "get off him, he's MY boyfriend!" and i was like "i dont care, just get outta my sight emma!", and she's like "no way, why don't you!", and we were there, havin this argument, and rupert was just stood there and he goes "can sum1 explain whats happening please?" and then all of a sudden i just grabbed him and started kissin him, and emma was like "no get off!" tryin 2 pull me off, but i didnt let go for ages and when i did, rupert was just stood there with this vague little smile on his face with lipstick all over him, so i started wipin it off and emma started punching me, and i was like "alright then, u want a fight u got one", so i threw her down the hill, and turned to rupert,and he was just stood there, so i started kissin him again, and the whole neighborhood came out and were just stood there watchin, so i invited him inside my house, and he was like "i never liked emma anyway" and i was like "well good she's dead now", so he took me to the cos premier, and we were there holdin hands with people takin photos of us, when all of a sudden daniel came up, and started talking to us, and i was like "daniel get lost" (i really hate him) and he goes "no!" and starts hangin round us, and rupert's like "jeez, just leave us in peace dan, will ya?" but he didnt go so rupert and dan started fightin, and i was like "go rupert!", he was really good actually, and then we walked down the red carpet, and there were all these screamin girls there, and someone asks rupert "is this ur girlfriend" and he goes "yeh" and im like "yay, god i love ya rupert" and all these girls start attakin me and im like "he he he im goin out with rupert", so we go home to his house, and go up to his room and he goes "wait here" and he goes back downstairs, so i lie down on his bed, and he comes back up and he gives me this necklace and im like "omg, thank you so much, i love you soooo much" and he's like "aah don't worry about it!", and then he lays down on top of me and im like "woo hoo!" and then his mum comes in and starts shoutin at him, shes like "ur far too young to be doing stuff like that rupert!" and he's like "but we werent doing anything!" and she's like "yes you are i saw you" and she chucks us out of the house, and rupert goes on about how he hates her and stuff, so we go down to the shop and i buy him a ham sandwich, and he gives me a really long kiss outside the shop to say thanks, and these ppl from my school see us and start going "oh how can u go out with him he's ginger!" and im like "get lost!" so we go down the road and walk into the sunset eating the ham sandwich, and we r both sooo happy....and i wake up ~*Tanya*~ (p.s Rupert is the cutest boy on earth )

Hey! This is a dream I remember, it's kinda weird & short,  but oh well! :)
I've had lotsa other ones of Rupert, but this is the only one I can remember.
Welp, here goes: We were in a crowded gym and there was a three-on-three
basketball tourny going on and I was sitting really close to the courts. All of
a sudden a game starts playing and then the guys start coming towards me. Rupert
was one of the players! :) He was doing these tricks with the basketball and he
was looking & smiling right at me! :) He finally had to move away, of course,
but I screamed so much after him! (it was a pretty cool dream, haha!) Hope ya
all liked! ByE! ~Susan-Grint~
Okay..I have to admit, one night my thoughts drifted over to Rupert while
I've been sleeping! :) It was the perfect dream too! Anyway, here it is. Rupert
was holding a contest for fans to come and compete for a chance to spend a day
with him, and I had entered. All of the other contestants STUNK, and he really
liked mine..(as you can see, it was a dream! lol) I had sung a song about how
much I liked him, and played it on my guitar. While I sang, he grinned at me.
Then, after I was done he came up onto the stage and gave me a hug! And, instead
of just hanging out for one day, Rupert asked if I wanted to spend the whole
summer with him, and I was like YES! And then, right before I woke up, he gave
me a smoocheroooo on my lips! HA - now isnt that the best dream? After I woke up
I tried to go back to sleep because I didnt want it to end, but, I didnt.
Bummer. But hey, it COULD happen! lol! 

I have had dreams about Rupert nights on end. I can't remember most of them. But I will tell you that I wrote him a letter about a week ago. That night (after I sent it) I had a dream that I got a reply. In the envelope was a picture of something I could not make out. And there was something that he wrote on the picture. What he wrote was very plain and simple and I'd die if he wrote this to me in real life: "Thank you for your letter." Then It said that he also put a copy of his favourite letter a fan of his sent to him (from some stupid, stalking girl). I would have died if it was real. Luckily, it was only a dream. It was horrible.

The very next night.... I had a dream that I was in Target with my dad (I don't know why we were in Target, but we were in target). I spotted my friend Taylor looking at clothes (in Target?!) and went over to say hi. I was talking to her when my mom came running up to me holding a letter. It was ripped open. It was a reply from Rupert. My mom had read the letter before she gave it to me. I quickly got over that, and read the letter. I don't remember what it said...but I remember I liked what he said. I was sooo happy. Too celebrate the occasion my dad bought me a whole load of Rupert merchandise and paraphanilia, I remember posters, stickers, etc. (at Target?!?!)

Two nights ago.. I had a weird dream about the third Harry Potter book and crop circles (yes crop circles. I think that new movie signs has influenced me.) I remember at the end Rupert came into my room to say Hi. Rupert hasn't written back to me... ~*Nikki*~