Rupert Grint Interviews

Here's the place where you can find all the interviews I can find with Rupert Grint. If there's any I don't have just send me the URL and I'll add it!

The Nickolodeon Interview
NYC Premire Interview
CNN Interview with Emma Watson
Online Interview with Emma Watson from the Official Harry Potter site
London Premiere
The Daily Record
Rupert Grint Has Potter Mania
The First CoS Interview
Disney Adventures
Scholastic Chamber of Secrets Interview
London Press Conference
Final days helped by visit of Harry Potter star Rupert

About getting the part-video*
Sweets- video*
And interview-6 minutes. He's so cute when he just drums on the chair, talks with his hands. So natural, what a cutie!
* video one's need Real Player. I got these from Rupert Grint Presents. I'm not taking credit for them.

Newsround Interview
DVD Release interview with Lizo