London Press Conference

(* Note: I have taken out the other kids responses, and have only included Rupert's)

How much has life changed for you?
I think it's cool being recognised. Although I have tried setting up disguises but the never work!

How do you feel about the action scenes in the movie?
Stunts are one of my favourite things. Being in the car was like being on a theme park ride.

What was the most challenging scene for you?
The spider scene. I don't like spiders in real life - even the rubber ones scare me.

What was it like working with Kenneth Brannagh?
I thought he was really funny and really easy to talk to.

What do you think about Dobby?
He doesn't seem useful to me at all!

And do the boys have girlfriends?

Dan: I'm really flattered by all the fan letters I get, but I don't have a girlfriend.
Rupert: Me neither!

If you were a real wizard what would you do?
I'd have the flying car coz it's really cool.

What's it like going back to school?
It was fine. My friends were all really normal with me, but my teachers suck up to me a bit!

What was your favourite scene?
I liked the slug scene best. They actually tasted really nice coz they were all different flavours - chocolate, peppermint, orange and lemon!