Rupert Grint Look-a-Likes

Here's a new section that I thougt up by myself so I'm really proud of it. I'm a big fan of old musicals, my favourites being Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland ones. I've always had a big crush on Mickey Rooney and when I saw Rupert in Harry Potter I thought he looked just like him! Like a brother! Or a father! So here's some pictures of Mickey Rooney and Rupert Grint. It's hard to find pictures where they look like eachother because there's not that many of either of them. But I encourage you all to see a Mickey Rooney movie. Because I guarentee if you like Rupert, you'll like him. They're both very funny and quick witted. Not to mention stunningly handsome! So sit back and marvel at the likeness! And if you know anyone else who you think looks like Rupert just e-mail me. Or click here to learn more about Mickey Rooney, the 8th wonder of the world!

I watched Get A Clue on Disney with my sister last night. I kept watching Jack Downey (played by Bug Hall). He is actually kinda good-looking now. Not as good-looking as Rupert, mind you. I kept noticing this face Bug was making in the movie. It is the same face Rupert makes!! I was like OMG!!! How cute! But, unfortunately all the Bug fans out there don't have a very good picture selection, and I could not find the picture where he made that face. This face that Rupert is making, Bug makes the same face in Get a Clue. But I could not find the picture!!! Rupert is the cutest thing that God ever created! Actually, I don't think that even God could have created such a masterpiece! You can't see his face, but this is the closest picture that I could find to Rupert's expression. (the second one) Thanks a bunch Gryffindorgal88!