How you fell for him

We all have our own stories and our own reasons for liking Rupert as much as we do. But at one time we didn't know who he was, and maybe we didn't even think he was cute at first! But that's changed, and I want to hear your story of how you came to like Rupert so much! I'll share mine of course, but I also want to hear all your reasons why you like him, and how it happened!


Here's my story:

When they first announced who was playing the trio in the new Harry Potter movie, I was very interested because I'd been a fan for two years already. When I saw the pictures I was really excited because they were just how I pictured them. But they Rupert didn't really stand out much, mostly because I was 13 then, and it was definately weird to like someone a year younger than you! And kind of gross too (I don't seem to care now!). So, it was around a year later, and I was really excited for the movie! I went on opening night and when the music started playing I got so excited I could hardly stay seated! I was completely satisfied with it, and then... the train station. I knew Rupert Grint was playing Ron, I had the whole cast memorized, but I wondered why I never payed attention to him before! He was absolutely gorgeous! As soon as Mrs.Weasley said, "It's Ron's first year too!" I let out a gasp of amazement that someone could be that good looking and I fell in love right away. I like to call it love at second sight! I went to the movie the next day as well, and I let out a squeek of excitement when I saw him, and everytime Mrs.Weasley says that and it shows him with his little grin, I always make a noise of glee without even meaning to! I could go on for hours about how I fell for him, but let's just leave it with, just for my love of Rupert, I went to Harry Potter 9 times in the theater and downloaded it and watch it practically everyday! (Or maybe just the clips that he's in)
-Submitted by, Me! Click here to see the face I fell in love with in a second!

reason i luv Rupert? well... it actually started out of spite of Dan. When i saw the pics of dan with his arms in the air as he stepped into the premier, he looked conceited. Then, as i watched Rupert with that shy little half smile of his, i thought he was cute.A real actor, who was shy about being a star, not loving it, and promoting it like other actors...(no names) I wasn't in love yet, as i thought he was like 12, but then i realized that he was actually 14! I thought, ok thats not bad, only 1 and a half years younger, but he still LOOKS young. But, then i saw some of the interveiw pics. OMG. HE'S GROW UP!!! I thought. My heart jumped, and i knew i luved him from then on!



As soon as i was done reading all the potter books i looked on the internet to see info about the movie Ron was always my favorite character i found cast pictures and as soon as i saw Rupert it was love After that i found as much info as i could on him


I came to like Rupert because he's very much of a cool guy. He's not like those smelly jerks at school who fling sand and pencils everywhere. He likes cool stuff, too. He likes Jim Carrey movies, candy, etc. AND his little lopsided smile drives me nuts! In a good way, of course. Actually, I like Dan, too, because he's got good taste, except for the Moulin Rouge thing...anyway, Rupert's got the greatest sense in clothes. He wore that DUFFS sweater, and with flair, I might add. He also sported the green outfit at the Harry Potter premiere in London, which knocked me down with a case of blindness and adoration. Also, the way he makes small spelling and grammar mistakes on his posts at Newsground (I posted numerous times at Newsground. They definetly need to lighten up the rules a bit!). Alright, basically, he's very close to being perfect. So...uh, the end? -Kiwi(I love participating, ;P)

I first fell for Rupert when i saw the commercial for Harry Potter on tv months before the movie even came out, when he said "that's a wizards chess" with that cute little smile on his face! I thought he was way to young for me, but then i read a little about him and found out that im only 3 days older than him! and that made me love him even more! I also like him because he dosent try to hard, he just does what he loves, and he is such a good actor! He's got the most beautiful eyes and smile, it's so hard not to fall for him! I just saw the movie again last night with my friend (who loves Daniel Radcliffe) and i just love him more every time i see the movie! I cant wait until "Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets" and "Thunderpants" come out in theaters! thats how i fell for Rupert -Hayley

Wa-al, I was visiting a friend out of state and she said they'd picked the kids who were gonna play Harry, Ron, and Herm. I already liked Ron, so I found the pic online and though, "he's cute." But of course Rupe wasn't nearly as cute then as he is now. So when I saw stills from the movie, I totally fell for him. He kinda puffed up when he was twelve, and then got skinnier when he was thirteen, but he's cute all the same. Not hot, mind you, cute.

well, i fell in love with rupert alittlel after the movies came out,bielive it or not i actually liked daniel first!! but as i saw the movie for like the 3rd time,i saw how absoulotly cute & funny & sweet rupert is!! i read about him on line right away! so now i know every thing about him & we have alot in common,like he loves to draw>>i have my whole life![ive had some in galliers b4!] we're both 13,loves rap,loves skatebording,so instead of falling for ron it was rupert!& i love him for all the stuff listed on this site.ive talked to him b4 & started shaking really bad & i thought i was gonna faint>>(it was online & it was REALLY HIM!!!!!)hes so sweet & theres y i love him****


Will one lucky day surfing on the net i found a web site called had a banner saying check oiut the harry potter cast.I
clicked on it.the frist thang that popped up was rupert on his own little page
and his picture,i was like,WHOA,now theres a cutie.the thang that caught my eye
was.Girls,the breathtaking smile that makes him so irresistible.I clicked on
another banner that said"more pictures of rupert grint"i clicked on it,to see
the other pictures.This boys smile is the only thing that matterd to me at that
moment,i cared about no other star.My friends and family say i am too sickly
obsessed with rupert.The smile is what i love about him,thats the thing that
made me go wild.the smile.Now also i would like to add,if rupert wasn't picked
for ron in harry potter,we would not all know that this cute little thang was
out there.he was like everyother boy at his school before,that the girls would
never think of him as eye candy.Now represented to the world he is most girls
dream or wish.Thank GOD!!!!
well.....I was always a big Harry Potter fan as soon as I read the books,
and when I found out that there was gonna be a movie, I was sooo excited! I
didn't really have a favourite character then, but as I read the books more and
more, I started to adore Ron. He was so funny, and I felt really sorry for him
coz he always had hand-me-downs on, and he woz poor. As soon as the film came
out, we booked tickets to the cinema, and I settled down to watch. I'd seen a
few pics of the cast, and the trailer of the film, but that little red-headed
sweetie just hadn't caught my eye yet. It didn't even seem to register that he
was Ron yet. As Platform 9 and 3/4 drew nearer though, I started to think about
who could be Ron. And then I saw him......perfect shiny red hair, smooth white
skin, sparkling eyes, a little rosebud mouth, a crooked smile and an accent to
die for. I WAS IN LOVE!!!! By the end of the film he was definately my fave
character, and after watching the film twice more I realised HE WAS GORGEOUS!
And from that day on, I have been obsessed with him totally! I have even managed
to get one of those massive cardboard cut outs that advertise Harry Potter vid
in shops, cuz it woz me bday yesterday (I was 14!). I am always trying to find
out more and more info on Rupert. At first I thought he was only about 11, but
then I found out that he is only 2 moths and 20 days younger than me! I LOVE
HIM! Thunderpants is brill, and Rupert was the best in it! He is the PERFECT Ron
too! Her's sum Rupert Websites 4 y'all-
From Tanya xxxx
This is easy....will i was frist interested in Dan...but i realized that
there had to be other actors who had to be cute also,i just wasn't paying
attention.Girls,you know that cute little smile of his will thats the thing that
mainly drives me wild,thats what makes him so irresistible.I was like wow ,there
is somone eles out there cuter then head boy danny.Alos ruperts style,he is a
causaul guy,he is not  like danny all dressed up and pretty(lol),he goes as
himself.Even though i do not know him,i know theres a great guy in him.I like
the fact that he is kinda shy,but see on the set,danile says he is really
outgoing in interviews.He is like me i am extremly shy about meeting new people
and going into new worlds.If it wasn't for a new movie cast we would have never
know rupert excisted.Rupert,the charmin guy with his smile we drowned for,its
like,rupert the guy at school the girls ingnore,the world never thinks of,Then
finally he just comes out.Now see it's like us..u may think yur uguly now but,to
the world yur Beautiful.He just has that perfect twinkle in his eyes and man he
is a hunk!!When i frist saw harry potter for the frist time i did not wanna mum just got some friends together and me and hewr and we all went..WHOA
thinking back at the previews like 9 months ago i can still remeber my words to
my firends"ah,come on ,thats stupied we dyou don't really wanna see that" boy
was i wrong,after i saw the movie i became sweepwed away..we listend to the
tapes on a road trip i,wasn't even listning,i was looking through a
the point i am making is the movie inspired me to read the books,and i love
them.The stars have made big influences on kids for being and doing what they
wanna do and be.Without the new stars,we weould be the same.The same and ,the
thing is rupert michel grint never knew his name was being called to this
universe to,show how much he would become.And Please thank god ya'll cause
rupert is so wonderful.And were gald he excist!
OK, i know i shouldnt say this cuz this is a Rupert Site, but i never
really liked harry potter, UNTIL, my friend made me watch the movie with her!!!!
My friend already LOVED HIM!!! lol, Well when i saw the movie he wan't on at
first, but then when they first showed him, makin that cute lil' smile, i was
like OOOOMMMMGG, i got like all his posters, went to all the live interviews,
and autographing sessions i could, (2), lol, ok and when i went up to get his
autograph, he looked REALLY pissed, so i didnt wannah say anything, but before,
i had to go to Dan, i just screamed "OMG, URE SOOO HOTT", omg, and he sooo made
the cutest smile id ever seen, lol, and since he smiled i really thought i'd
have a chance with him, lol (even though i wudnt, lol) Well, since then, IVE
sooo been 1 of his hugest fans, even though i still dont LOVE Harry Potter,
my friend (whos totally obsessed with daniel radcliffe) made sit and watch
about a hundred of pics of dan. then after a while she came to a pic with rupert
in it and my heart did this jump, but i didn't realize what it was until a week
later when i saw the film. when i saw that beautliful face my heart melted
totally and i new i was in love with him. i dreamed about him every night (and
in school...) and at christmas i found out that he likes the same kind of music
as me, and that he to is scared of spiders. and now 5 and a half month later i
still love him more and more every day!!
cheers stina. (don't laugh when you see my name!! i'm from norway...)
Basically, the story goes like this:  Me see Rupert's 
adorable grin---> me go *thud*.
I've loved Rupert since I 1'st saw him in the hp movie. And I've been
sending him a bunch of letters, and everytime I've been SURE he would write
back... But it never happened... Until yesterday... I started my computer and
got the message that I'd got 1 new mail. I opened my mailbox and the new mail
was from "Ron Weasley". I didn't think much of this.. Thought it was only some
newsletter thing... And then I openend the mail and I read it.. And at the end
it stood: "Would u be my pen pal? Rupert Grint" I thought I was going to faint,
I got really dizzy and felt kind of sick.. I read the mail over and over again,
to make sure I hadn't read it wrong, but I hadn't. I typed in some answer and
then I started to cry, because I was so happy. Then I called my best friend and
she didn't understand a thing, cause I couldn't speek naturally...
It's the best thing that's ever happened to me! Hope he'll answer soon!
Well, Harry Potter came out the day before my birthday and i went to see it
on my birthday so when i was watching and Rupert came on for the first time
(when Harry is asking how to go on the train) i look at him and think "Holy he
is really cute" and then i went 2 see the movie many more times!!! (Pretty much
just 2 see him!!!) and get this pretty much all of my friends liked Dan so while
they were all fighting ova him i was just laughin (but now two of my friends
like him!!! (you know who you are!!)
Well, I guess you could say it was love at first site! I hadn't really ever
been into the Harry Potter books, but I had gone to the Harry Potter movie for a
school field trip, and we saw the movie.  The moment I saw him I was like, "OMG,
look at him! Isn't he CUTE?" All my friends thought I was crazy, but I didn't
care! I soon became a devoted fan, visiting tons of sites about him, watching
the Harry Potter movie over and over, (now that I have it!) and reading about
him. Now, I have read all the Harry Potter books, and I'm not only a HUGE fan of
Rupert Grint, but he's also made me a fan of Harry Potter too. I think what made
me fall for him was his smile; my heart always skipped a beat, and whenever I
hear his voice my knees get week. I love his eyes, they are my favorite thing
about him. And I also like how he is such a great actor, and seems like just an
all around down-to-earth, amazing person. I guess its just love, true love!
Ok, I was going to see this movie (I forget what it was that I was going to see) but anyway, I was watching the previews and Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone's preview came on (I do notice red heads right away, they are just so HOTT!) And I saw HIM! When they first entered the Great Hall! He was looking around with an amazed look on his beautiful face. I swear it was like a sign! I right away thought he was REALLY HOTT! So I eminently became obsessed with looking things up on him on the Internet. I know everything there is on the Internet about RUPERT MICHAEL GRINT!! I saw more and more pix of him and as he got older he got SEXIER. Now his voice is broken and it turns me on more than ever!! He is just so cute I mean everything he does. The way he says hes afraid of the dark (its the best thing, I mean to say something like that on TV and not me scared! There is something so adorable about everything he does) I now own the movie and its always in my VCR! I have pixz of him all over my room! I have a BIG list of why I love RUPERT GRINT on my wall, right next to my fav. pix and its also the one I kiss good night every night. I like to draw (just like RUPERT) and I have drawing of him all over my room too! I cannot wait till the next RUPERT GRINT movie comes out!! I just LOVE him SO MUCH!!!!!
*~*~*Lori Ann Johnson~*~*~* 
I think its just because he's a little cutie. I mean Im not one of those
pre teen girl who think that if he turns his head this it must be love... I mean
seriously Im 17 and hes what? 14?  But if I was 4 years younger ... hmmm... I'll
let you fill in the blanks
I always loved ron from the books he was my favorite! When I saw the movie
i didn't think much of rupret. After seeing the movie like three times in the
thearter and had harry potter magazines I started to think that rupert was cute!
THen i became obsessed with him!! I thought he was so hot! After reading more
abiut him i liked him more. He is only a year older than me. I think he is so
sweet and nice. I've seen interviews of him over the internet and he's such
sweetie!! Even thogh there are some other cute boys in harry ootter deep down
rupert and ron are always my favorite!
well when me and my friend made fun of him at first .But when i watch the
moive I kinda fell in love with him .That's it and I like him ever since.
Ok.... How I fell for Rupert.... Well, in the summer of 2001, I found out
that they chose the actors for Harry Potter. I was like "Ok. That's great." and
I checked on the internet. When I saw Daniel, Emma and Rupert, I didn't think at
all that Rupert was cute. I just kind of ignored all of them. By November, my
sister was a HUGE fan and she was counting down to the Harry Potter movie. I
didn't even want to go to it, cause I wasn't a fan then (I read the books, but
didn't become obsessed with them). The day of the movie, I whole family went to
go. By the end of the movie, I was sooo mystified by it that we had to go see it
again. So, by the third time, I had saw pictures and pictures all over the
internet, and I saw Rupert in the train scene, and I started to think he was
cute! It wasn't until at school in French class when I started daydreaming and I
became totally in love with Rupert! I even got this Harry Potter magazine and I
was like, reading his interview over and over and kissing his pictures on a
daily basis. It's been almost a year now, and I still LOVE Rupert. He's soooooo
cute and he's the best actor of all three of them!
OK I have to admit that I did not like Harry Potter (books or the movie).I
didn't like the movie coz I saw Daniel in an interview and he was so stuck up.
Then I just got home from school one day and my brother had left the tv on, all
I could hear was them rambling on about Harry Potter and to my disgust they were
interviewing Daniel. So I was leaning over to grab the remote when I heard
Rupert speaking. I nearly fainted -his voice stopped my heart beating and I
looked up and thought WHOAH. Needless to say but I bought the video and dvd the
next day.
LOVE RUPERT FOREVER (he's only half a year younger than me and I usually go for
older guys but he's A GIFT FROM GOD!)
I saw the Harry Potter movie and had a crust on Rupert and
Dan. But I type of loved Jon the blonde guy from S club.
But I SUDDENLY decide I hated him and decide Rupert was 10000000% better than
him. Yep Rupert's the only one
I thought. Because he's simply the best better than all the rest.....isn't he
???????????I think he defnitely is.
By Emma J
Well, I really liked him after I saw the movie. But what 
made me REALLY like him was that at, him and I have 96% 
compatibilty!!!!!! woo hoo!!! (Even though these things 
aren't real, a girl can dream right?) And on this site's 
love calculator Rupert and I got 90.5%!! hehehe
I saw the pic in the newspaper of the trio playing the 
part. I was never really attracted to any of the guys so 
never thought of it much afterwords. When I first saw 
the movie, again I never really was attracted to Dan, 
Rupert, or Tom. But when I got home I got online and 
looked up pics of the actors and I absoloutely loved 
Rupert! He was so cute in pics from the premiere!!! 
*drools* Anyway, ever since I always look for his pics, 
sites, and interviews etc. !!
I didn't even like Harry Potter when Philosophers Stone came out in the
cinema but my best friend dragged me to see it. And boy am I glad I did. I
didn't acutally know who any of the characters were but when I saw Rupert as
Ron, I know he was cute with a capital C! I adored his floppy ginger hair, his
blue-green eyes and of course his trademark half smile. As soon as I came home
from the film, I went straight on the internet to find out all about him and
fell head over heels in love. I thought he was only 12 at first but was then
delighted to dicover he was in the same year as me at school! I have now become
a huge Harry Potter fan and it's all thanks to my lovely Rupert! xxx
alright I'll admit:when i first saw "HP and the Socerer's Stone, i didn't
think Rupert was hot....NOW I simply LOVE him!!! He is SO cute and i love how
his red hair makes him stand out.....hes so funny and thats the first thing that
gets me intrested in a guy and then he smiled, that beautiful smile and i knew i
was in I was so excited when Hp 2 came out...I SAW IT 3
TIMES......AND i think i love it the more i c it. I live in the U.S. but i have
many relatives in England and even Ireland and after this I tempted to move
there with them!!!!!
I actually have no idea. Hermione used to be my fave. character so i just
naturally made Emma Watson my fave. HP star. but then i got sick of Herm. and
Emma. my friend kates fave was Ron so i thought he'd be my fave. for a while you
know, see wat he was like. well...look where it got me! I love Rupert AND Ron.
(kate still does aswell).
Well, I went to see the first movie. I heard of Daniel befor I saw the
movie. So I went to see it. Next thing I knew I was writing his name all over
the covers of my school books in school. I don't know how I became to like him
but I guess it was love at first sight. I thought it was impossible but,in my
opinion he just got hotter in the second movie.
            Samantha Michaels
              age 13
             New Castle,Pa

Well it all started of a year ago before the movie even came out and I was searching on a search on who will gonna play Ron Weasley and I got on a movie page of Harry Potter and I found a picture and a interview that you can hear online and I listened to it and I thought he sounded nice at first when I saw him but I wasn't sure but when I heard what he likes I thought he's the one definatly and I started to find more interviews and I got to know more about him and I found out he lives in East Hertfordshire in Ware in Welham Green and I thought oh my God he doesn't live that far from me and from then I have totally fallen for him and I have much deeper feelings for him than any over boy and thats how I got to LOVE Rupert Grint ! XxEveexX (age 14)