NYC Premiere Interview

Interviewer: I've talked with both Richard Harris and Robbie Coltrane and they said enjoy the moment. And that was their advice. Are you enjoying the moment?
Rupert: Yeah. Yeah it's so fun. I love doing these kind of things. They're really cool. Yeah, I'm a bit scared though.
I: What are you scared about?
R: Um, all the celebrities watching it, it's gonna be really scary, but, um, I'm looking forward to it.
I: Have you seen Robin Williams, have you seen him in his suit?
R: *smiles wide* I haven't seen him, no.
I: It looks like he's gone Hogwarts back to school shopping. He's the one in the green velvet!
R: Really?! *laughs*
I: Exciting that he's here though!
R: YEAH! It's gonna be cool!

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