Online Interview with Emma and Rupert

LIVEJessicaMae: Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have arrived! Hey, Emma! Hey, Rupert! Muggles, wizards and witches everywhere have tons of questions to ask you. Lynn asks:
Question: Hi! How did you feel when you got a part in the movie?
Emma Watson: Amazing, I felt absolutely fantastic!
Rupert Grint: It was so cool! It was amazing! It was the coolest moment in my life.
LIVEJessicaMae: Where were you when you found out?
Emma Watson: We were together. We thought, "Oh, my gosh, another audition!" We were both together, and then we were told that we were chosen to be Ron and Hermione.
LIVEJessicaMae: Divaschmeeva wants to know:
Question: Were there any cast members of Harry Potter that weren't British?
Emma Watson: Chris Columbus, the director, was the only American in the cast.
LIVEJessicaMae: Deuceswild822 is wondering:
Question: When will production of film two begin, and will you both continue to do sequels beyond the second film?
Rupert Grint: Well, me and Dan have started doing the flying-car thing.
Emma Watson: I am starting in December. I haven't started yet. We are taking it one film at a time. I don't know if they are even going to be making a third film.
LIVEJessicaMae: Here's a good one from Mynamesnotkemeng:
Question: Was it difficult to fight a troll in your imagination? -- Kim
Rupert Grint: All of the visual effect scenes were difficult.
Emma Watson: Because you had to pretend when there was nothing there.
LIVEJessicaMae: Angel95129 would like to know:
Question: How long did it take to film the movie?
Rupert Grint: About 10 months.
Emma Watson: Eight or seven months. :) Ha ha!
LIVEJessicaMae: This is a Kids Only question from Mari:
Question: Did you read the books?
Rupert Grint: I have been a Harry Potter fan before there was a film.
Emma Watson: I was in the middle of the third book when I started the audition. By the time I got the part, I finished the book!
LIVEJessicaMae: BuRNiNBLoNDiE910 has a really great Question:
Question: Emma, how did you like working with someone like Daniel Radcliffe? Do you have a crush on him or Rupert?
Emma Watson: Umm, Rupert happens to be sitting right next to me. Number one, if I did, I wouldn't tell you! And, number two, I don't, actually! :)
LIVEJessicaMae: Henry pup asks:
Question: What was the best part of the filming?
Rupert Grint: It was all the visual special effects.
Emma Watson: For me, it was the people, the locations and just the fun of acting.
LIVEJessicaMae: Here's another Kids Only question from Amanda:
Question: Rupert, do you have a girlfriend?
Rupert Grint: Ummm, no!
LIVEJessicaMae: SilverDragon574 asks:
Question: Who is your favorite Harry Potter character in the books?
Emma Watson: Hagrid. I think he is really funny!
Rupert Grint: For me, it is probably Ron. He is very much like me. I have the hair, I am afraid of spiders and I like sweets!
LIVEJessicaMae: This question is for you, Rupert. Shahinanawaz asks:
Question: What was the best thing about playing Ron in the movie?
Rupert Grint: Eating sweets all the time! You get to meet a lot of people, and that is nice.
Question: If you had an invisibility cloak of your own for a day, where would you go and what would you do?
Emma Watson: I would make myself invisible so that I could sneak into films for people over 15 years of age.
Rupert Grint: I would sneak out of detentions if I were invisible!
LIVEJessicaMae: Kelly and Kyle would like to know:
Question: Which character did you think was the scariest?
Emma Watson: There is an obvious answer, Voldemort!
Rupert Grint: For me, Hermione. Just kidding! Voldemort.
LIVEJessicaMae: Do either of you play sports?
Emma Watson: I love sports. I play rounders, hockey and tennis for my school.
Rupert Grint: I like football -- soccer, for you Americans. :)
> Question: If you played Quidditch, which position would you play?
Rupert Grint: I would be a beater.
Emma Watson: I think I would be a chaser. I think a chaser would be fun, because you get to move around a lot and you have the most fun.
Rupert Grint: I picked the beater because you'd get to hit the bludgers!
LIVEJessicaMae: Bronwyn wants to know:
Question: What's your favorite line from the movie?
Emma Watson: Mine would be, "I'm going to bed before either of you comes up with another clever idea which will get us."
Rupert Grint: "Bloody Brilliant!"
LIVEJessicaMae: Catie is wondering:
Question: How did you feel the first time that you saw the movie?
Emma Watson: The first time I saw the movie, I was scared. It was really freaking seeing myself 10 feet tall on the screen.
Rupert Grint: I would say that was about the same for me.
LIVEJessicaMae: This one is from BUDMAN327:
Question: How has being so recognized by people changed your life?
Rupert Grint: It has just made it cooler!
Emma Watson: I think that, at first, it would be cool to give autographs and pictures, but it is hard work.
LIVEJessicaMae: I'd like to know... If you could keep one prop from the set, which would you pick?
Emma Watson: I think I would like to have one of the chess pieces.
Rupert Grint: I would like to keep the sweets!
LIVEJessicaMae: I know that you guys have both met author J.K. Rowling. What is she like?
Rupert Grint: She is really down-to-earth and nice!
Emma Watson: I agree, she is really very nice and humorous.
LIVEJessicaMae: Andrew wants to know:
Question: What is your favorite memory growing up?
Emma Watson: I really don't know. :)
LIVEJessicaMae: Jess1cox asks:
Question: Is there anything taken out of the movie that was in the book?
Emma Watson: I don't think so. They tried to be as faithful to the book as possible. Obviously, they had to keep some things out, or the movie would be a day long. But I think they were very faithful to the book.
LIVEJessicaMae: This one is for Emma from Mjsbone8:
Question: Emma, are you anything like Hermione?
Emma Watson: No, mainly because I enjoy school, but I am not great at school.
LIVEJessicaMae: Anibrain1 wonders:
Question: Were the every-flavor beans you used in the movie really every flavor?
Emma Watson: Yes!
Rupert Grint: Yes, there was grass, vinegar. There were also nice ones as well -- ice cream, etc. So, yeah, they were every flavor!
LIVEJessicaMae: Which of those flavors was the worst?
Rupert Grint: Well, I had this really horrible one -- I still don't know what it was.
Emma Watson: I did try some, I think the worst was vomit flavor! I didn't realize it at the time. Horseradish was pretty bad too.
LIVEJessicaMae: Usagirl100 would like to know:
Question: What was your favorite scene that you acted out and why?
Rupert Grint: I love the chess scene. But I like Hogwarts as well, because it was very dramatic.
Emma Watson: For me, it would probably be the troll scene, mainly because I had stunts to do.
Question: What is your holiday wish?
Rupert Grint: I wish everybody would go to the film!
Emma Watson: I wish there was peace between America and Afghanistan.
LIVEJessicaMae: Next question comes from Mt Giraffe:
Question: Do you want to continue acting throughout your life?
Rupert Grint: I do. I really enjoy it. I've had so much fun. It is really cool.
Emma Watson: If it comes around, it comes around. If it doesn't, that is OK. I am very open to ideas!
LIVEJessicaMae: We've got time for one more Question: What would you like to tell American audiences about the movie?
Emma Watson: Go see it -- it is absolutely amazing!
Rupert Grint: I would just like for everyone to go see the film.
LIVEJessicaMae: Emma and Rupert, thanks so much for stopping in to chat. Come see us again!
Emma Watson & Rupert Grint: Thanks!
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