Rupert Grint Facts

Here's the basic info on Rupert Grint. If you think any of this information is incorrect, or if you have something to add and you know it's correct then I'll add it on. This is all I have for now!

Name: Rupert Michael Grint
Parents: Jo(34)Homemaker, Nigel(38)Race car memoribilia dealer
Siblings: Oldest of five kids. One brother and 3 sisters.
Birthday: August 24 1988
Lives: Hertfordshire, England
Scared of: Spiders, heights(but not after dropping 50 feet into Devil's Snare!)and the dark.
Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Music: Rap and pop
Actor: Jim Carey
Movie: Any Jim Carey movie
Sport: Football (soccer)
Rupert also enjoys playing golf and Playstation 2. He wants to do more Harry Potter films than just three, even maybe up to number 5! And believe us Rupert, we want you to too!

That's all for now! I'm constantly looking for more information on Rupert, so if you can help me out that's great!