Rupert's Star Sign

As you probably all know, Rupert is a Virgo. But do any of you know what exactly that means??? Well here's a quite lengthy description of the kind of person Rupert is supossed to be. I got all these from
Virgo Friendship Profile

If you ever need a designated driver for a night on the town, Virgo is the one to call. Not only will they show up for any and every important occasion, they'll be early enough to take care of last minute details and put everything in order. The Virgo is the most helpful friend you'll ever have. They'll help you work out at the gym every day, they'll help you remember not to gorge on junk food, they'll remind you to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and they're there to assist in the planning of the minute details of your life. All this helpfulness might drive you batty. At the same time, if you ever actually do need something, Virgo will be right there for you. They give excellent advice and are fast on their feet in crisis situations. Their practical outlook will help you through the rough times, so long as you don't embarrass them with any big displays of emotion. If you can handle your Virgo buddy jumping up to do the dishes as soon as dinner is over, you'll have a loyal, intelligent and interesting friend for a very long time.

Best Friend Bets: Cancer(that's ME!), Scorpio

I would post the romantic things about a Virgo, but it's not really appropriate! If you still wanna know, just go here.