Here's just a little page on Rupert's other movie Thunderpants. It's about a boy who has amazing farting abilities and his best friend (Rupert) helps him become an astronaut using that um... "talent". All I have now is a few pictures from Thunderpants and the trailer*.Rupert looks very different and I'm shocked that they would do that to my baby!

permboyuglyrupertgrint thunderpants1 thunderpants2 thunderpants3 thunderpants4 thunderpants5 thunderpants6

I bet your all really looking forward to seeing it now.......
*You need Quicktime5 to view this

I found out a bit more about Thunderpants, such as Rupert's name in it and the plot in more detail. Ok Patrick (played by Bruce Cook) is a loser with only one friend Alan (Rupert) because he has a horrible habit of farting really loud and smelly. But fortunatley Alan has no sense of smell, he's also a junior mad scientist(the plot thickens)! So Alan gets NASA involved, a schoolteacher and the world's best tenor and they all collaborate to use Patrick's uh "talent" to put him up in space. Sounds FUN!!!