Rupert Dreams

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Last night I drempt that I saw Rupert Grint and at a pizza 
resturaunt and thought that if I purposley bumped into 
him I could talk to him. So I got up out of my seat when 
he did and ran and hit him hard. Then he looked at me 
and said to some guy next to him "Is that an American 
Girl??" Then I left and saw Daniel Radcliffe shoving this 
huge piece of pizza in his mouth. It was very strange but 
I loved every second of it!!
once i had a dream that tom and i were fishing in my back yard and rupert was 
walking my dog. We caught a Marlin named marty. then we all went to rite Aid 
and Rupert hugged me for some reason. Then we all went to Bennigan's and 
Rupert started singing about bennigan's so tom hit him upside the head with 
the marlin. then i woke up. ~$*Emily*$~
This dream isn't one of the weirdest dream I've had.
But this dream is quite a weird dream anyway:Rupert and I
were in year seven but for some reason we were still at my
primary school. Rupert sat next to me. My annoyed,boss and very bonkers friend
who's initials are S.G was sat the other side of me. S.G yelled "alright
Emmy!Hey it's Rupert Grin!look Emma Rupert Grin's sitting right next to you!".
I went red and hissed "His name is Rupert Grint not Grin and
yeah I know he's sitting right next to me and Can you just
shut up". I smiled and shrugged at Rupert "dunno who she is". Then S.G let out a
really really really really loud and smelly fart. Rupert said we had to go
somewhere and he turned to me and said "don't we". Me and Rupert when to some
weird dark place and we were both playing in HP and Rupert was playing his usual
role as Ron Weasley and I played Ron's girlfriend and my OWN ginger hair had
turned into long blonde hair that flowed down to my shoulders and my OWN
freckles had gone. You-Know-Who had trapped Ron in this tardis like Doctor Who's
and I fought You-Know-Who for the key that unlocked the tardis and I won and I
unlocked the tardis and me and Rupert kissed and then hurried back to the class.
Then I woke up - by Emma J.
I was stood outside my old house and it was evening, a really nice night,
and i was playing ball with these little kids when rupert comes walkin up the
street, holding hands with emma, and i was like "what the...?", so i started
walkin over, and i had a t-shirt on sayin "biggest rupert grint fan ever- i love
u rupert", and emma saw it so she kinda smirked and then put her arms round
rupert, and rupert was there smiling away to himself all innocent. when i got
really close to them, emma started to pull rupert away and i was like "oh no u
don't" so i grabbed rupert and turned him around so he was facin me, and he was
like "what the?" and emma was like "get off him, he's MY boyfriend!" and i was
like "i dont care, just get outta my sight emma!", and she's like "no way, why
don't you!", and we were there, havin this argument, and rupert was just stood
there and he goes "can sum1 explain whats happening please?" and then all of a
sudden i just grabbed him and started kissin him, and emma was like "no get
off!" tryin 2 pull me off, but i didnt let go for ages and when i did, rupert
was just stood there with this vague little smile on his face with lipstick all
over him, so i started wipin it off and emma started punching me, and i was like
"alright then, u want a fight u got one", so i threw her down the hill, and
turned to rupert,and he was just stood there, so i started kissin him again, and
the whole neighborhood came out and were just stood there watchin, so i invited
him inside my house, and he was like "i never liked emma anyway" and i was like
"well good she's dead now", so he took me to the cos premier, and we were there
holdin hands with people takin photos of us, when all of a sudden daniel came
up, and started talking to us, and i was like "daniel get lost" (i really hate
him) and he goes "no!" and starts hangin round us, and rupert's like "jeez, just
leave us in peace dan, will ya?" but he didnt go so rupert and dan started
fightin, and i was like "go rupert!", he was really good actually, and then we
walked down the red carpet, and there were all these screamin girls there, and
someone asks rupert "is this ur girlfriend" and he goes "yeh" and im like "yay,
god i love ya rupert" and all these girls start attakin me and im like "he he he
im goin out with rupert", so we go home to his house, and go up to his room and
he goes "wait here" and he goes back downstairs, so i lie down on his bed, and
he comes back up and he gives me this necklace and im like "omg, thank you so
much, i love you soooo much" and he's like "aah don't worry about it!", and then
he lays down on top of me and im like "woo hoo!" and then his mum comes in and
starts shoutin at him, shes like "ur far too young to be doing stuff like that
rupert!" and he's like "but we werent doing anything!" and she's like "yes you
are i saw you" and she chucks us out of the house, and rupert goes on about how
he hates her and stuff, so we go down to the shop and i buy him a ham sandwich,
and he gives me a really long kiss outside the shop to say thanks, and these ppl
from my school see us and start going "oh how can u go out with him he's
ginger!" and im like "get lost!" so we go down the road and walk into the sunset
eating the ham sandwich....and i wake up
I was in Barnes and Noble and I saw and met Emma Watson, She ran and hid
behind me. "Are you ok?" I asked. Then she put her fingers to say "shh!" I
pointed to the right to the crowd and ran all the way to the wrong direction.
"Hey Emma, who's that with you?" came a voice it was Rupert Grint. Emma smiled
and said "I don't know, but she helped me, hide from the crowd and thanks to
her,I want to be friends with her."  I smiled. "I'm Annie I live here in
Illinois, Emma smiled. I'm moving here and not to Chicago." Rupert blushed then
smiled at me. "Emma and A-Anni want to go see Daniel Radcliffe and the Phelps
twins, they are next door at a restrurant!" I smiled and Emma said "yes." Rupert
held out his hand, "Do you want to see Daniel Oliver and James then alone take a
stroll alone with me?" He whisphered, "Yeah sure, Rupert I'd love to." Emma
Rupert and I went to Jimmy's Grill then there I met Daniel Radcliffe and James
and Oliver Phelps. "Hey Annie, thanks!" James said winking at me.  Then he and
James left with their mom and dad. "Annie, your um cool for girl and do you mind
if I give you  a kiss on the cheek, I don't like doing it to a girl that's crazy
, I like." Said Daniel real red on his face. He kissed my cheek , while Rupert
looked Red angry (he was jealous) "Annie wanna go and walk by ourselves?" Rupert
Grint quickly. "Sure!" I said. Daniel looked jealous this time but Emma started
to talk and that drawn his attention to her. "Have fun Rupert and Annie!" Emma
shouted as we walked away. Rupert and I kept talking to each other and smiling
and then we were left alone by a Riverwalk he leaned and kissed me. He and my
hands were holding each other's back and then we let go of each other, then he
kissed me untill we heard Emma! "Annie!" she cried. I stop with Rupert holding
me. "Yeah?" I asked. "You and Rupert like each other Oh my goodness." Daniel was
right behind her. He looked hurt and looked down to the ground. "Rupert I gotta
go!"  I said sadly. he and I looked at each and I hug me." "Bye!" I said to him,
but he grabbed my hand "Here's my real e-mail and address, write to me, I'll
never forget you." Emma and I walked away. Daniel and Rupert stayed behind, but
Daniel looked sad. So  I yelled "Daniel thanks for everything, I'm glad you like
me I like you and Rupert asc boyfriends!" To my suprise Daniel walked to me and
kissed me on the lips  and he smiled at me. Then Rupert smiled at me and said
"Thanks Annie your totally nice and we bothwill never forget you!" Emma and I
said "I love you! Rupert and Daniel!" "I love you Daniel and Rupert your a good
funny type of friend!"  and we both ran and Emma dropped me at my house and
hugged me and said "Goodbye Ann and I moving 2 houses away form you." I smiled
and said "Rupert!" sure enough Rupert ran to me and smiled and said "Daniel and
I 'm moving here too!" I hugged him and I said Goodbye to Rupert and Emma and
went inside my house. That was a memorable dream! -Annie   
This is the Rupert dream I had the other night.
Well, me and my friend Molly were in the theatre watching hp2. We were sitting in like... the 5th row, you know how the first three are the VERY close ones? well, we were sitting in the 2nd row in a new starting of rows.
Well, this is my dream theatre where the lines are HORRIBLY long, but you get great seats and no ones in the theatre. Well, me and Molly sat down ( i was with my mom 2) it was my mom, molly and then me. And sitting infront of us is..... dan, emma and rupert. Well, Dan was saying something about how it was so crowded to get in but theres so little people here, so i touched his shoulder and said ' thats the way it is here, ive been here about 500 times meself *wink*.' Rupert snorted  and then went to looking at the floor. Dan just looked at me like I was nuts and went back to talking to Emma.
Well, the movie started, and I guess they haddnt seen it yet, but I had, so I was talking to Molly saying how in the book this like was for Neville, this never happened, it was the opposite way... blah blah blah.
Well, Dan had to have turned around like 15 times telling me to 'shh!!!' Emma was telling me too, and she threw popcorn at me.
Well, the last time, Rupert told me to 'shut up already!!!!!!!!!!' I was so appauled, I just glared at him and was silent for about a minute. Then, when I went back to talking again, Dan threw his soda on me! I had popcorn in my hair and I was sticky now... I was so angry at him, I was ready to walk out of the theatre...and Rupert laughed at me AGAIN. He snorted with laughter, and I, being so angry, threw my soda on him. He had a white shirt on w/ curious George, and it was tan now from my coke. We both were sticky and missed the whole 'floo' scene, and we looked at eachother and laughed for a good minute or two. 
Then he got up to get cleaned up (my friend was urging me to follow him) and when he sat back down, because it got REALLY dark, he sat next TO ME instead of Emma!!! He looked over at me and we were whispering for a few moments, he knew it was me and not Emma, and we went back to watching the movie. 
During the slug scene he was talking about how it was sooo much fun and stuff, and i was just like 'yep, sure it was.' And I asked him how they got him to look so sick, and he said that it was mostly face paint, but he was really SICK then! I felt so bad for him, having to film when he was sick (THIS WAS MY DREAM, NOT REAL) and I told him that. He said it was fun actually being sick on the set, and he really didnt have to act for the slug scene because most of the time he WAS throwing up and was nauseated.... blah blah blah.
During the whole spider scene he looked just as scared as in the movie, and he actually walked out to not look at the spiders! I followed him and he was practially shaking from fear. I felt so sorry for him, and I put my arm around him and we sat for a few moments talking to get his mind of the spiders ( Id peak bakc in to make sure they were of the screne). It was so.... nice. He was so down to earth and freindly. We walked back into the theatre holding hands and my freind asked what happened. I told her and she just said 'sure...' and winked at me.
Then I woke up, and was like 'wicked'  I swear that was the first word from my mouth!!!
This dream is really weird... 
It started out in my classroom and I was having this really hard maths test.
Suddenly I was in the Chemistry classroom and my chemistry teacher (He's just as
Snape.. With greasy black hair... And he's really mean!!)an I was making a
potion, and all of a sudden it exploded and I actually was at Hogwarts and the
real Snape was furious with me for having just exploded a venomous potion all
over the classroom... Anyway he was yelling at me and threatening me with
detentions and then Rupert came over, boxed Snape in his stomach and said "Come
on Stina, (That's my name..)Let's frolick!" And then we were on this meadow
running up this little hill in slow-motion... I was wearing one of these fairy
tale-princess dress (a pink one) and a pointy hat. Rupert was wearing thights
and a pair of those puffy things the fairy tale-prinses wear and a puffy hat
with a feather... It was all really bizarre... And then we stopped and he gave
me a lovely kiss that lasted for a really long time...
According to my friend (I was sleaping at her place) I was actually calling for
Rupert in my sleep...
this dream is really weird,i was at some really fany department store
looking through all the huge lifesize versions of animals,and there was this
huge crowd of people at the end if the isle so i went down to them  and they
were all rehearsing for a play i was in last year,and rupert was there and he
walked up to me and said hi,and he was really nice and sweet and he asked me if
he could hold my hand,and i said yes,ofcourse and we started walking and we were
all of a sudden in the mall,and he told me he had ro go but he would come back
to me later so i decided to wander around the mall for a little while,and he
came back a few minutes later and told me he didn't want to be away from me
anymore,so we walked around and held hands for a few hours,it was really
sweet,then he asked me if i wanted to move to england with him and i said
ofcourse,so we got there and there was this huge welcome party for me and
everybody from the harry potter movies was there,and i met everybody and we all
became friends and i moves in with rupert
*************************THE END***************************
ok my dream isnt really a sleepy dream, but an awaky dream. yes i was day
dreaming, but it might as well have been a regular dream! ok here goes. i'm
sitting on my bed in my room, and jimi hendrix purple haze is playing. rupert
just shows up, walking up my stairs! he comes over and asks me to dance i say
SURE! so we get up, and he's wearing that hot demin outfit he wore for oprah and
all of a sudden we're doing this really stupid dance where we're just stepping
closer and closer to each other and he puts his hands on my hips. then we get
closer still doing that stupid dance and i'm the one singing along to jimi, and
i say "EXCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THE SKY!" and like in a movie, the videocamera
goes up to my celing, only its the night sky! then we do that stupid dance some
more and HE starts singing along with jimi and he says, "WHATEVER IT IS! THIS
GIRL'S GOT A SPELL ON ME!" and then i wake up in math class again.
i had this dream where me and my best friend Amy (who is obbsessed with Tom
Felton) were shopping and we saw Tom and Rupert we went and asked for their
autographs then we hung out with them for a while. Later they introduced us to
David Heyman and he offered us parts as extras in the movies and our moms said
yes! Later Rupert and I became boyfriend and girlfriend and Amy and Tom got
together! Rupert and rupert and i text messaged each other evry day coz it cost
to much to call australia to england!

I won this competition and the prixe was to take rupert round my town, he like basically lived with me, for a week. Anyway, we walked up this hill, and then we were in england and he was taking me around hertfordshire. And then we went to this coffeeshop/ antique place and I'm like wow I wanna taste a real devonshire tea, and he's like we don't have them here, and I got mad cause I wanted a devonshire tea, and all the scones were crumbly, but then we turned up at my school like magically, and I'm introducing him to everyone, and even though he had a hoggies uniform on, noone knew who he was, so then i walked into my fifth grade classroom which is at a totally different school, and I'm like woops i forgot i wasn't in year five anymore and rupert's like you are such an idiot, I hate you. And then I got really sad, and no more stuff happened

OK, well, I'm the weirdo who submitted the one about the sea cave and the $1000 worth of candy dreams. Unfortunately I have another dream to share. I was sitting on the kitchen bench of this farm place where I was staying in the hols, and Rupert and James and Oliver were there and they were his brothers and there was also this fat guy that my mind made up. Anyhoo. We were eating cornflakes and I put my feet up on the bench and they had turned into boxes of cornflakes. And They fat lad is like OMG Australian corn flakes boxes (I'm Australian, see) and they're all like. wow we don't get them in england and then they pulled out these blade thingys like the ones from children of the corn and attempted to cut off my feet. And then I woke up.

I had a dream with Rupert once... He had gotten one of my TRILLIONS of letters and had called me (cuz i put my phone number on the letters!!) and e was like I am near where you live can me and my family come stay at your house. I of course said yes. and since we didnt have room for 7 more people the parents got the couches and the other siblings all got these HUGE chairs that we had to sleep on but we only had 2 (u could fit 2 or more on each) and Rupert still didnt have a place, so he slept on the floor next to my bed. Then the next morning he came to school with me, and told EVERYONE that I was his gurlfriend (ahhh sigh!!) then I woke up...DARN! -Kaitlyn AKA Mrs. Rupert Grint!